Turn Back Time

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Lot to Tell

2010 had to come to an end and here comes a new year 2011, a new life to live, a new story to write. But before i would start my 2011 life, let me give you my updates back in 2010.

There are too memories to keep and to cherish back then. So many things to reminisce even the sad stories. A lot of commotions had been encircling my life. My animate existence had been filled up with a lot of stressful but at the same time enjoying activities that i ought to share with you.

Let's start with my inquiries in my career. It had been killing me for the past few months. There were a lot of things to do, writing reports, airing my reports in DYGB FM, and making magazines that demands computers. These things had consumed my allowances and sacrificed my other life in this cosmos. My career had selfishly deprived me from my other commotions that i ought to enjoy as a young teenager. It occupied my entire life and left almost no vacant space where i can put my other stuffs opposite to these serious things that cracked my mind. But then, my soon to be career haven't always been a burden to my entity. Despite of its brain-cracking, money-consuming, etc., I had been enjoying it. It keeps you updated and then you'll learn a lot of things and enjoyed traveling around Negros Oriental. It boosts up your confidence as you meet big politicians and other heads of different offices. It took a lot of courage to ask them about things that could possibly provoke them especially about some intriguing issues. But later on when you're able to establish rapoor, it will ease your tense.

I am little bit out of time so i guess my story is to be continue soon. It'll be about my love life...mmh...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

what a crap!

it's been a long time since the last time i visited my own blog. gosh! i've super duper busy the past few weeks. my major subjects been killing me. i didn't even have enough time here in the office, in the dance troupe and worst on my family. my course had been pretty serious alright that i have to spend most of the time on it. believe it or not, wer'e not done yet on our finals on visayan journalism and principles on radio and tv. can u imagine that? what crap! am so tired and sick of having overnights and photo shoots again and again. damn! i wanna get this done now coz it really bugz me off.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I feel alone these past few weeks. I just lost my phone which is not actually really mine. It's his, I just borrowed it coz mine needs cleaning. Now, I'm bored. I'm finding hard reaching other people which now makes my life kinda boring. I noticed this day that I don't have the people close to me these past few days. I realized that now am already going to bed at 8:00 P.M. if we don't have a practice in the dance troupe. I thought I was happy having no cellphone, so nobody's gonna keep on looking for me and asking what I'm doing or maybe keeps on bugging me around. But then, I realized, I can't reach the others. Where are they? Where is Ethel? Am always stuck in the office with nothing to do. I'm so really lonely and always thinking where my friends are. I have no laag in the evening anymore, am now home so early...late at noon, am stuck in the office, watching the others being so busy with something. I missing everyone and I can't reach them. I really want to be with Ethel but it seems that she's always away. I have nobody right now and am not used to it. Yoh! guys, I miss you terribly!

Monday, September 20, 2010

di lang ikaw with lyrics ( juris )

I mean every word...I really want to let go!

Should I Stay?

I tried to endure and stay
But now, can i still bear the pain?
And pretend that everything's okay
For fear of the things he might do.

Should I still stay and keep on?
Am finding the spark we had once
Wondering if there's still left
So, I'll really have reason not to let go.

If only she didn't come to his life
If only he didn't try to betray my love
If only....then, am sure it won't fade
Too bad, he wasted my love.

Yes, he tried and promised he'll be true
Forever me, truly in his heart alone
Forever he and me, for always and ever
Yes, he tried to win me back in his heart.

But can trust be mended?
Same words of promises were once spoken
To the two people he loved
Should I buy it this time?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Still Can't Believe

Have you ever experienced making friends and not just only friends....i mean your'e like sister and brother relationship thing with a man, who was once a stranger to you?..a stranger who became your idol and created a great admiration towards that man?..Well, I just did. It has been four months now that we're together now and even 'till now I can't still believe that we're this close already. 'Coz who would expect it? He was once a stranger to me and then everyone's been talking about him for being this proficient reporter of this prominent TV station. I only knew him when he become my instructor, cause even he's on TV still I only knew him by name,not until now that...Anyway, when I first saw him personally I didn't like him. He was this very hangin type of guy, very confident, doesn't care what other people thinks and fond of provoking other people. And I hate that, even though I make jokes at him. But not annoying jokes, but those with sense of humor. One thing I like about him, that time is that when I make jokes, he never get angry though. He would even make sabay and make friendly gestures and everyone would start laughing as well.
Well then, so much for that let me start how we became close friends or like brother and sister...hehehe...It was when that time when we started to became real good friends and then he told me to maybe LOG IN on his internet cafe at his place sometimes. So one night I told Ethel to stay overnight at my place so both of us will laag2x there in his house. Then we went there, at first we LOG IN on his cafe but then later on we did not. Coz guess what? We make tag-iya on his laptop...hahha...I so could not believe that I get to bully the man I admire the most and like I have this feeling of "taas ra og pang-lantaw nya" and then now it seems like we're on the same level...hehehe...So who would have thought, the man whom I used to be so distant on him, feel akward on having chats with him and stuff like that. Now, I can make lambing, make punches on him when he annoys me or when he jokingly insults me....He's really a good companion, really.. There was this one time we went home at almost 4am just spending the night talking at Dunkin' Dounut, can you imagine that? He's filled up with words and got a lot of interesting stuffs to talk about, like his life. He's fun to be with and when am at his place, I feel at home. He's very accommodating. One thing I hate about him too, is that he's very wakat. So when I go there I would do a little arranging thing, just a little coz he would complain coz he would find a hard time in looking for his things.
But despite of he's being a cool guy, he's lonesome too. That's one thing Iv'e discovered about his life here. Maybe that's why he likes having us around. Coz sometimes when I don't go there, he would text me and ask what am doing...and then that's it....I really like being with him totally...hmmm...